Friday, 9 December 2016


I'm delighted to present my Xmas single for you lovely people in these troubled times. Recorded in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, and the UK, with text taken from a daily UK ragmag, this is to go next to your mulled wine and Uzi.

"What Will Be Built"
Recorded at Worm Sound Studio, Rotterdam; Sofia, Kazanlak & Ahtopol, Bulgaria; Eden Hotel Wolff, Munich; and my house, Bridport, UK. Synthesisers performed by Andrew Dickinson and me. Dedicated to the happy loss, the shine in your golden underwear, the folks of Worm, and everybody with half a brain or more. And you.

Happy Fucking Xmas Cowboys

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Die Bayerische Prinzessin

Greetings from Munich, where I am recording a new radio-play called "Die Bayerische Prinzessin". It tells the story of Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria who, at ten years old, believed she had swallowed a grand piano made of glass. The piece is a commission of Bayerischer Rundfunk, and will broadcast next year.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

That Happy Breed Rehearsals

"That Happy Breed", a Brexit Science Fiction Operetta, premieres at Worm, Rotterdam, with a cast of Rotterdam's finest, on November 20th 2016. More information and tickets here.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

That Happy Breed

Back in Ubik, Worm, Rotterdam, directing "That Happy Breed", Brexit opera.... plays 1300 and 2030 on Sunday November 20th ... sportswear, anybody?

Friday, 30 September 2016

That Happy Breed


What happens if, after Britain leaves the EU, the rest of the planet destroys itself through some kind of ethical-nuclear misunderstanding? What happens to an independent England in total isolation?

"That Happy Breed" is a science-fiction vision of 'an island in the moon', adrift on shared history and past glories, visions of empire and sightings of rabbits on the copse.

A family home and the Houses of Parliament provide the setting for a Menippean satire on patriotism and propaganda. A community play in words, song, and electronic music, "That Happy Breed" is a caustic cavalcade comedy, with appearances from St George, Queen Elizabeth II, Boris Johnson, Morris Dancers, and the IRA. 

So keep your temper, 
dissidence is not a word a British true 
should ever be resorting to,
you are looked after,
pampered, preened,
your life in England is a dream.....

DW Robertson is resident at Worm, Rotterdam, this week, with compadre and collaborator Andrew Dickinson, creating sets and costumes for "That Happy Breed".

Set designs for "That Happy Breed" in-progress.....

Follow Dominic's adventures on the Worm Residency blog.

DISCO CAROUSEL! New LP out on Discrepant

The marvellous label Discrepant recently released a 12" LP from DW Robertson, called DISCO CAROUSEL.

''Everybody knows that mechanical music is the highest form of entertainment, that's why the fairground, that age old uber-entertainment, rang with the chaotic splendour of Barrel Organs, Orchestrions, Bellenoens and Serinettes.
In the 20th century, as the delicate mechanisms of automata fell out of favour to the machismo of electricity, all the music-boxes left the funfair, to be usurped by Euro-Techno.
"Disco Carousel" is an attempt to redress this balance with a little bit of time travel, a little bit of tlc, and atomic fusion between the discreet windings of the Pianola and the whirring innards of the computing-machine.
Each piece is "Programme Music", and comes with a title that should take you straight to the electro-mechanical fairground you've always dreamed of. You can ride the big dipper, the ghost train, ace the shooting gallery, win a prize. In the safe knowledge that, all around your head, in multiple permutations, the highest form of entertainment is taking place.''
DW Robertson, 2016


  1. A1 Big Dip on the Big Dipper
  2. A2 The Shooting Gallery
  3. A3 Prizewinner
  4. B1 Brief Sojourn on the Ghost Train
  5. B2 Disco Carousel
Pressing Information

Artwork collage by Portuguese artist Ruca Bourbon
500 units pressed at Optimal, Germany

DW Robertson interviewed on Music Manumit

The Creative Commons podcast Music Manumit recently interviewed DW Robertson all about the past, present, future, and so on. Listen here.

Live in De Perifeer, Deventer

DW Robertson will be performing new radio-opera material at De Perifeer, the atelier of Harco Rutgers, in Deventer, the Netherlands, on 01/10/16. From 2.30pm.

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Royal Danish Mix on Radio Ouiedire

DW Robertson recently put together this sound-collage for Radio Ouiedire. Stream and download  here.

Within you will find dices and slices of the following musical nuts, tossed into relief with one another in a savoury and sweet montage, in roughly this order...

  1. 00:00:00 Claudio Monteverdi - L'Orfeo
  2. 00:00:00 John Cage - Solo for Flute, Alto Flute & Piccolo
  3. 00:02:12 Miles Davis - Spanish Key
  4. 00:02:50 Matsuo Ohno - Electronic Sound
  5. 00:05:25 Dabka - Ya Gazayal
  6. 00:08:40 Silver Apples - Cannonball Noodle
  7. 00:09:13 Conlon Nancarrow - Quartet Nr 3
  8. 00:11:05 Jacopo Peri - Euridice
  9. 00:12:30 Dastan Ensemble - Asheghaneh
  10. 00:12:53 Moondog - Ostrich Feather
  11. 00:13:30 Charles Ives - The Rock Strewn Hills
  12. 00:14:44 John Cage - Sonata No 3
  13. 00:15:35 Arnold Schoenberg - Adagio
  14. 00:19:07 Morton Feldman - The King of Denmark (Optimised)
  15. 00:24:02 Bohislav Martinu - Four Madrigals for Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon
  16. 00:26:21 Erik Satie - Socrate
  17. 00:29:11 Igor Stravinsky - Agon
  18. 00:29:34 Tod Dockstader - 01
  19. 00:29:50 Brigitte Fontaine et Areski - Apres le Guerre
  20. 00:32:24 He Zemin & Huang Peiying - Big Idiot Buys a Pig
  21. 00:33:20 Dashiell Hedayat - Fille de l'ombre
  22. 00:34:02 Jean Michel Jarre - Eros Machine
  23. 00:35:50 Erik Satie - Furniture Music
  24. 00:36:22 Albi Ala Albak - Ataba
  25. 00:38:09 Erwin Schulhoff - Flammen
  26. 00:41:21 Morton Subotnick - The Wild Bull Part One
  27. 00:43:04 Zdenek Liska - Uncertainties
  28. 00:45:42 Sun Ra - Disco 2100
  29. 00:48:52 Gyorgy Ligeti - Musica Recerceta (Adaptation for Barrel Organ)
  30. 00:48:52 Kurt Weill - Kanonensong
  31. 00:51:26 The The - Giant
  32. 00:51:28 Gyorgy Ligeti - The Lobster Quadrille
  33. 00:53:06 Ivor Cutler - The Shapely Balloon
  34. 00:55:40 Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses
  35. 00:56:03 Claudio Monteverdi - Vespro Della Beata Vergine
  36. 00:56:40 The Bohman Brothers - Thairish Variations

Thursday, 17 March 2016

DW Robertson Live in Deventer

DW Robertson will be presenting a series of short performances at De Perifeer, Deventer, the Netherlands, as part of the Havenkwartier's LOS festival. More information (Dutch language) here.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Lukas Simonis & DW Robertson - Live in the Netherlands

Lukas Simonis & DW Robertson have been craftily knocking up an epic pop record, which will be cut from a series of sessions resulting in 29 songs. They will be performing a selection of songs from this record at a small series of dates in the Netherlands.

February 26-27-28 ROTTERDAM Ocw
March 3 LEIDEN Vrijplaats 
March 4 ROTTERDAM Koffie en Ambacht

Collateral Damage in The Wire magazine

DW Robertson recently contributed (in an article co-written by Thea Martin) the Collateral Damage section for The Wire magazine, on the ups and downs of being an internet artist, and consequently giving up the "Ergo Phizmiz" identity.

The article recently appeared online. Read it here