Over the last five years Dominic Robertson's radical rethinking of what an opera can be have caused ripples throughout the opera world. He has produced work for Arcola's Grimeborn Festival, Tête à Tête Opera, Mahogany Opera Group, Operadagen Rotterdam, DePlayer, and Les Antliaclastes Marionettes, plus a score of independent productions that have toured internationally to audience and critical acclaim.

For the last few years he has been working on "Mozart vs Machine", a time-travel-science-fiction-essay-opera on music, chance and technology, comprising a cosmic boxing match between Raymond Scott & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This has been produced through a residency with Mahogany Opera Group and Sound & Music.

In production November 2016, at Worm, Rotterdam, "That Happy Breed", a Brexit Science-Fiction Opera.

Listen below to "The Sun King", an aria from "Mozart vs Machine", created through a scissors and glue dissection of Mozart's "The Queen of the Night" aria.


Past productions:
"La Puce de Neige" (2009) score for Buchinger's Boot Marionettes
"The Mourning Show" (2010) a commission of DePlayer, Rotterdam
"The Third Policeman" (2011) UK and Europe tour
"Fulcanelli's Shoes" (2011) Supported by Arts Council England
"The Old Man of the Mountain" (2012) score for Les Antliaclastes Marionettes 
"Caring in the Community" (2012) commission for Tete a Tete Opera
"Gargantua" (2013) UK tour, supported by PRS Foundation
"Gala" (2013) commission for Tete a Tete Opera
"UOEIA" (2014) commission of DePlayer and Operadagen Rotterdam
"A Fairytale of World War II" (2015) supported by Arts Council England
"Vogel Europa" (2014-2016)  ornithological opera, European tour
"Mozart vs Machine" (2014 - 2017) commission of Mahogany Opera Group & Sound and Music   
"Prinzessin Klavier Aufessen" (2016) a radio-opera for Bayerischer Rundfunk
"That Happy Breed" (2016) Science-Fiction Brexit Opera for Worm, Rotterdam 

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