Friday, 19 February 2016

Lukas Simonis & DW Robertson - Live in the Netherlands

Lukas Simonis & DW Robertson have been craftily knocking up an epic pop record, which will be cut from a series of sessions resulting in 29 songs. They will be performing a selection of songs from this record at a small series of dates in the Netherlands.

February 26-27-28 ROTTERDAM Ocw
March 3 LEIDEN Vrijplaats 
March 4 ROTTERDAM Koffie en Ambacht

Collateral Damage in The Wire magazine

DW Robertson recently contributed (in an article co-written by Thea Martin) the Collateral Damage section for The Wire magazine, on the ups and downs of being an internet artist, and consequently giving up the "Ergo Phizmiz" identity.

The article recently appeared online. Read it here