Monday, 22 May 2017


A Brexit Opera

UK Premiere Performances

July 26th
The Agitprop Allstars present "The United Kingdom of Earth"
Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, London

September 7th
The Hidden Noise present "The United Kingdom of Earth"
CCA Glasgow

In a not-too-distant future, having avoided some nuclear misunderstanding that engulfed the rest of the planet, a post-Brexit Britain finds itself surrounded by nothing but scorched earth. How do people from the everyday family home to the corridors of power cope with this? And what on earth is Boris doing in Downing Street in a tie-dye suit?

An epic community opera with electronic music, performed by a cast of professional and non-professional actors and singers, “The United Kingdom of Earth” is a wide ranging satire on British values, beliefs, and histories.

As a “non-denominational satire” the piece chooses not to take a particular political angle, so is suitable viewing for all of you whatever your stance on the Brexit argument. A comedy of manners, “The United Kingdom of Earth” combines killer songs with spoken-word and synthesised sound to create an evocative picture of a country looking backwards at itself.

A production of composer, writer, collagist Dominic Robertson - formerly known as Ergo Phizmiz – who, over the past twenty years, has become a prolific maverick of UK and international theatre, opera, radio, and independent music worlds.

Rotterdam’s Worm Institute was the incubator of this piece, which received its first performances in November 2016 at the Ubik Theatre.

Trailer for Rotterdam production

Dominic Robertson is available for interview

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Crowdfunding the Brexit Opera!

That's right, in a heady return to the world of crowdfunding, "England's Greatest Entertainer" takes you on a country walk.

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