Thursday, 30 March 2017

New Collages & Transfer Prints

Here are a big bunch of images I've been scribbling on and chopping. Click to enlarge. My pictures are for sale - but of course, and I need to pay the rent - so! If you like any of my images so much that you just can't stop thinking about them, you lose sleep, you long just to return to your screen, then get in touch and we can arrange a very reasonable price with which you can decorate your already stylish and elegant household.

Most of these images are small, maximum A3 size, except LoopLoop which is massive and built inside what appears to be a window-frame.

A Kiss


Angel on the Roof

Children Learn All About Machines

Devils to Drop

In Clouds


Of Vision

Sailor's Death

Saint Joan's Invocation

Someone in the Garden

The Age of Steam

The Screaming Puzzle

The Yellow House

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

That Happy Breed EP

This is the soundtrack to all of your Brexit related fears and neuroses!

We present music to save the Queen by, music to cut off your borders by, music to listen to the Queen by, music for politicians to forget their troubles by, music to beat up your friends by, music to celebrate the special relationship by, music to see in fewer dimensions by, and music to burn the world by.

An 8 track EP of music from the world's first Brexit opera "That Happy Breed", recorded in the marvellous Worm Sound Studio, Rotterdam, by Dominic Robertson, assisted by Andrew Dickinson, 2016.

"That Happy Breed" is a giant community-play-opera, a science-fiction story of Britain in a not-too-distant future, after the Brexit has occurred, for better or worse, till death, etc ...

It is being performed with different casts across the UK during 2017, starting with Glasgow's CCA in May.

"That Happy Breed" is a commission of Worm, Rotterdam.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Three Collage Films

Three collage films by Dominic Robertson, produced 2016-2017.

"Seine Saint Denis 1954" (2016)

"Icon Painting - Saint Joan" (2016-2017)

"Mrs Keble" (2017)

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Boubouroche - A Longer Player

"Boubouroche" - A Longer Player by Dominic Robertson

The Sun God be praised! From one of the world's most prolific and inventive composers comes his first long(er) player in nigh on three years, and the first to be released since dropping the moniker Ergo Phizmiz - a name under which he released hundreds of hours of music.

"Boubouroche" is an epic odyssey through experimental pop music, fragmented classical, electronic work-outs, and mutant disco. Recorded between 2015-2016, the album combines musical craftsmanship and a flawless sense of melody with Dominic's trademark nihilistic humour, from the pitch-perfect pop of "Waresley Wood" and "Disposable Love Song", the sledgehammer satire of "NME", the fragile de-collage of "Salad Amadeus", to the relentless churn of Casio keyboard bangers like "Pavilion Two Step" and "Uncertainty Disco".

Combining original composition with found-lyrics and reconstituted historical music, this is an album imbued with a dual sense of magic and radicalism. Songs of bad romance, art history, catholic fantasy, science-fiction collide with impeccable instrumentals to create an unforgettable record unlike any other you are likely to hear this, or any, year. And that includes the new record by Steps, brilliant though it will surely be.

The lyrical content of the record is taken from all over the place - newspapers, history books, political pamphlets, music magazines, cheap romance novels, art documentaries, and found handwritten CD cases.

Dominic Robertson is a composer, writer, collagist, theatre director, installation artist, film-maker, actor, performance-artist, and creator of radio-plays. Across the past 17 years he has developed a reputation as one of the most uncompromising and unique artists in the world. His music has been released by Discrepant, Care in the Community Recordings, Gagarin Records, DePlayer, Soleilmoon, and Illegal Art, and his highly acclaimed radio work broadcast on Bayerischer Rundfunk, WDR, WFMU, Resonance FM, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 6Music and Deutschlandradiokultur. For many years he released countless hours of music for free online, under a Creative Commons license - there are over 3000 videos using his music now online. Elsewhere he has created television for Channel 4, operas for Mahogany Opera Group and Tete-a-Tete Opera, the soundtrack to acclaimed Coney Island documentary "Famous Nathan", and most recently the Brexit science-fiction opera / community play "That Happy Breed" for Worm, Rotterdam. Among the artists with whom he has collaborated are Lukas Simonis, R Stevie Moore, Felix Kubin, Frederic Wake-Walker, Vicki Bennett / People Like Us, Frankie Boyle, Pollyester, Patrick Sims, and Luke Fowler. A retrospective book of his visual work was published as "Cold Collation" by the arts publisher Content Series in 2015. His writing has been published by the International Journal for Flann O'Brien Studies, DePlayer, and The Wire magazine.

"Boubourouche" is performed on voice, piano, violin, electric guitar, electronic keyboards, bird-whistle, Newton's Cradle, feedback, and sound-collage, and is entirely recorded in the brown carpeted box that is Casseablanca Studios, in the home of brown that is Bridport, UK. The costumes on the front cover, and photographs, are by Kitty Callister, taken during rehearsals for Mahogany Opera Group's "Mozart vs Machine" in Folkestone.

This album is dedicated to Dominic's dad, Stormin' Norman.

Monday, 6 March 2017

That Happy Breed - Brexit Opera, at CCA Glasgow

Delighted to announce that my Brexit science-fiction opera "That Happy Breed" plays in Glasgow at the CCA on May 18th, with a cast of locals. Huge thanks to Shireen Taylor at The Hidden Noise for making this happen.

In a not too distant future an isolated Britain survives on an otherwise scorched earth, saved from nuclear misunderstandings by Brexit. "That Happy Breed" is a science-fiction vision of "an island in the moon", adrift on shared history and past glories, visions of empire and sightings of rabbits on the copse. 

Utopia or dystopia? Either way, something is bubbling under the civilised surface of day to day life, and there doesn't seem to be anything anybody can do to stop it.

And the earth itself? It's flat!

"That Happy Breed" is presented with a cast of local people wherever it goes. A large scale community play with songs, music, Morris dancing, marching, a dash of Christmas, and a special appearance by Her Majesty the Queen.

"That Happy Breed" is a commission of Worm, Rotterdam.

Facebook event page for "That Happy Breed" at CCA Glasgow.

Watch the trailer for the original Rotterdam production of the show ...

Watch this flat earth in space for news about further UK productions of this timely parable and a forthcoming publication. Interested in staging it in your town? Get in touch with either yours truly or the good folk of Worm... 

Think you know Mozart? Think again...

Clips from Mahogany Opera's production of the opera wot I wrote, "Mozart vs Machine", which premiered at Profound Sound, Folkestone, February 2017.