Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Unreleased Ergo Phizmiz Volume One

Between 2001-2015 Dominic Robertson's erstwhile alter-ego Ergo Phizmiz released hundreds of hours of music, radio, theatre and installation art. At the same time, he released three records of critically acclaimed songwriting on independent label Care in the Community Recordings: "Things to Do and Make", "Eleven Songs" and "The Peacock". These records were culled from a huge amount of tracks in collaboration with the label, leaving the rest waiting for their moment in the sunshine.

And here it is! Volume One of "The Unreleased Ergo Phizmiz", ten songs produced between 2007-2015, never previously heard except at live shows here and there. One review of "Things to Do and Make" pointed out that the release "goes to show that major record labels have lost touch completely", and these songs give further credence to this statement. Ergo Phizmiz trundled on with this music until the sense of futility won out and the only thing to do was stop and try to gather perspective.

At a time when other outsider DIY songwriters are being given their just dues, it's about time this music was heard by a wider audience. So send it to your friends, play it at your parties, put it on your radioshow. If you have spare pennies, buy it and help one of the most productive artists on the planet pay his long overdue rent and bills!

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